The Science of Sleep

In the movie The Science of Sleep, we're reminded that "The brain is the most complex thing in the universe, and it's right behind the nose." We're shown the complexity of the dreamworld, and what can happen if we let it mingle too closely with our waking world.

St├ęphane gives a demonstration of what exactly dreams are made of in his "studio"…

And what happens when it's time to step into the dream.

Dreams we learn can inspire inventions like the One Second Time Travel Machine…

"It's the one second time travel machine."
"What are you going to do with one second?"
"Well it just, adds up, and life is too precious."

Bring fabric & yarn ponies to life…

And cause you to write letters in a dream-gibberish language while sitting in a tub filled with cellophane in your boss's office.

A highly imaginative yet melancholy movie by Michel Gondry, who also directed Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind- another favorite of mine. Available on Netflix Watch Instantly if you're interested :) 

Today I'm thinking of my grandmother, Mimi, who is celebrating her birthday today (and is having a wonderful weekend celebrating with Papa, her friends, and my parents), and now I'm off to enjoy dinner and a nice evening with Austin. I hope everyone has a lovely Friday night!

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