Dylan the Dachshund

Our little Cooper family of two has grown to three! I'm happy to introduce you to: 

Dylan the Dachshund! He is a miniature silver and red piebald long haired dachshund, and is about nine weeks old. Austin and I can't get over how tiny he is, and how adorable his little face and puppy waddle is! 

This is a really neat thing, welcoming Dylan into our home, and not only because one look at him will completely melt your heart: it also means Austin and I ARE in fact capable of agreeing upon a breed of dog! We've been blessed so far with a very smooth marriage, but the one topic that has caused the most tension is our prospective family pet. I grew up with Australian shepherds, his dream dogs were either a pug or a bulldog, and for the longest time we couldn't (peacefully, eep) find a way to meet in the middle. 

That is, until this past week! One of Austin's favorite childhood dogs was his standard smooth haired dachshund Frankie, and once I figured out that some long haired dachshunds actually resemble miniature Australian shepherds (coloring and texture, at least), we were business! We found the breed that somewhat met both our needs! I realize the dachshund personality is NOTHING like what I'm used to, but after researching and seeing Austin's huge giddy smile at the thought of getting a little doxie of his own, I definitely came around to the breed :)

I'm happy our biggest fight so far has been about dog breeds. That's a good sign I guess. And look where it got us!

This precious pup is now OURS!  And now without further ado, more photos:

Dylan's first trip to Petsmart, and he was definitely the most irresistible dog there. Austin and I felt like proud parents, with everyone we passed by rushing over to him and petting his long floppy ears. 

Austin reading our new Dachshunds for Dummies book… proving much helpful so far, and that we've already done a bunch of things wrong. Puppy parents are allowed to be a little clueless the first night, right?

Look at his long little body! This video snapshot was taken following his first nail trimming, so it was nice to know he still loved us after the deed was done :)

He started getting super sleepy though not long after he had been home with us, and would snuggle up next to one of us and fall right asleep. 

We are going to crate train Dylan and plan to ease him into it, so when we put him in his kennel to sleep we didn't shut the door immediately behind him. This however allowed him to turn right around, exit the kennel and instantly cuddle up to whoever was closest and close his eyes again. It was heartbreakingly adorable :)

Here's what it looked like:


Gaaahhh so cute! Right after that video was taken we got him to stay though, and he slept soundly for a good two hours without making a peep. When he woke up, he was a completely different puppy! Very energetic and lively, but is now sound asleep again in the crook of Austin's arm as I type this. Ha, time to try out the kennel again, we'll see if he likes it as much the second time :) 

Thank you for letting me gush about Dylan, we're so excited for the first addition in our little family! Now, let the puppy training begin…


  1. Dylan is so GREAT! I'm in love with him from afar!

  2. Awww!! How exciting :) Dylan is so cute!