My fanciest cupcake yet

Hey! Not only do I bake now, I bake FANCY things!

Or well, with help at least :) It's not wise to turn me loose on things like ganache fillings and piping bags on my own yet, which is where my friend Vania comes in! Yesterday we made these Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes by the Brown Eyed Baker, and oh my GOODNESS… they are beyond fantastic.

What we have here is a Guinness dark chocolate cake with an Irish Whiskey chocolate ganache center, topped with a Baileys vanilla buttercream frosting. Very sophisticated and complex tasting, and not overly sweet.

I haven't ventured far into the realm of made-by-scratch cakes (umm hello Funfetti!) so I was grateful to be making these alongside Vania, who has many baking and culinary accomplishments under her belt. Also, as it was Austin's store of liquor being donated to make these beauties, it was good thing Vania was there to make sure it was being put to good use! I readily admit the chance of me wasting Austin's Jameson and Baileys on two dozen botched cupcakes was all too great, haha.

Check out this mama in action!

With how quickly and efficiently Vania moved around, it was easy to forget she had a sleeping baby boy strapped to her chest and a spirited little girl running around her feet. She was great to watch, I learned so much from her yesterday and she made me realize filling cupcakes with ganache and fancy decorating isn't as scary as I thought! (I should have jumped in more on baking days with Kelsey and Mindy, and I definitely should have been taking notes when Kelsey made her chocolate Irish Cream cheesecake… yummm.)

The cupcakes were then brought to Donna and Chris' house, who held a barbeque for some of the couples in our neighborhood. It was wonderful hanging out with everyone, eating such great food and having Vania's and my cupcakes declared a hit! I was also happy that the Elsings and Flemmings were able to see Dylan in a much more lively state compared to their first visit with him, ha.

Here is the recipe for the Brown Eyed Baker's Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes if they have caught your interest, and know that we put way more whiskey and Baileys than it calls for… umm you could say we just did it to taste! (Two teaspoons of Jameson? No no, not near enough.) The Guinness dark chocolate cake alone is worth dreaming about. Thank you Vania for making these with me yesterday, and thank you Donna for hosting an event to share them at! 

And because I'd be remiss to go a post without sharing a picture of Dylan (I am an obsessed new puppy parent, after all), here's how cute he looks all snuggled up and sleeping between Austin and me:

Oh my how I love this pup! And I hope everyone is having a lovely evening :)

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