Funfetti cupcake on Unicorn plate

What do you get when you have Funfetti cake mix but no coordinating rainbow chip frosting, and new concentrated food coloring gel you want to try out?


I'm not really sure what inspired me to make these last Thursday when I have SO MUCH other stuff to do (although duh, baking cupcakes is way more fun than deep cleaning my house and tending to important life things) but I do know they were the perfect thing to send in with Austin the day his class had a big test!

They were well received by his classmates as an after–test treat, but when they asked Austin what kind of fun flavor they were he had to simply tell them… "ah that's just food coloring." Haha. Still Funfetti, still tasty!

Have you noticed the amazing plate peeking out from underneath the cupcake? Are you dying for a better look? Wait no further!

Crazy awesome, right? A closer look for you:

My friend Samwise is the one who made this set of unicorn plates and matching teacups happen in my life, giving it to us as a wedding gift, and its quirkiness still delights me. I love how it's in no way fussy— instead of clouds with rainbows and glitter, this rather regal looking unicorn is seen with a starry sky and subdued grid pattern. Austin is still a little confused why we have unicorn serveware, and now that I think about it it's because Samwise and I have a joke about him believing Funfetti cake causes unicorn mortality and me eating it anyway, which means putting a Funfetti cupcake on a unicorn plate given to me by him could be seen as somewhat rude, but I'd like to make it clear that it was done with the best of intentions. :)

So on a different note, a Dylan picture! 

This is how he obeys the command "lie down" when looking at the treat in our hand… he tucks his front paws in together and wags his tail like crazy. Um have I mentioned how in love I am with this adorable dog? I feel like I've mentioned it at least once or twice…

Too fast for the flash= blurry cute running puppy.

As for today things, I attended a lovely baby shower for Jodi and her little Madilyn this afternoon. Amber did a wonderful job hosting the shower, and Vania helped provide the prettiest and most delicious baked goods (including cupcakes of her own that would beat mine above in a beauty contest no problem!) Austin and I enjoyed dinner at the only Mexican food restaurant we've found decent around here, and our beloved Texas Tech lost to Texas A&M by four points which I'm sort of glad we missed as it was apparently a very frustrating game to watch. Anyway, we have two more days of the weekend to enjoy, which includes waking up early for a day trip with our friends tomorrow! And on that note, I must be off— good night :)

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